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About Us

The transportation world is changing so rapidly that traditional ways of doing business are no longer sufficient. Now, more than ever, businesses need to act with the best knowledge possible to control and reduce private fleet costs.

LoVanté helps businesses across all industries deal with increasing private fleet costs and issues. Our experienced staff can design and implement a broad array of cost reduction solutions.

  • Vehicle acquisition and disposal
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Financing/Leasing
  • Taxation
  • Road and related taxes
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Fuel procurement
  • Insurance & Risk management
  • Fleet graphics
  • On-board technology… and other critical transportation-performance areas.
  • Safety Services

Few companies can do it all themselves and without experts on your team, the information you obtain regarding fleet information comes from outside sales people. The same people whose overall focus is their bottom line and not yours. That’s where LoVanté comes in: offering experience, advice and real solutions that reduce your private fleet operating costs. Our focus is improving your bottom line. 

There are three things you can count on from the services you receive from LoVanté: the highest professional standards, the ability to design and implement a private fleet cost reduction plan that works and significant savings.