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How We Save Money For Our Clients

Audit of Present Fleet Arrangements

Are you really paying what you are supposed to be? Did you ever wonder if the invoices that you pay are accurate? Are you receiving the credits that you are entitled to? We’ll review your invoices and uncover the facts and the overcharges and obtain the credits for past overcharges.

Determining the Right Solution for Your Unique Needs Today and Tomorrow

Should you lease or own? Finance or pay cash? Purchase the extended warranty or not? Do you need tax depreciation? How much does it cost to maintain a vehicle? These are some of the issues facing both the finance and operational areas of today’s businesses. Our unbiased executives provide you with the right solution that will significantly reduce your fleet costs.

Cost Reduction and Implementation

Our fleet restructuring and implementation process will provide you large, sustainable, cost savings that will increase cash flow while also providing long-term cost reductions. In addition, we provide ongoing advisory, consulting and auditing services that drive additional costs out of your private fleet.