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Initial Audit of Present Truck Fleet Agreements

Does your present package really fit your needs? Are the invoices you pay really accurate? We’ll uncover the truth, recommend changes, and get you credit for any past overcharges.

Negotiate New Truck Fleet Agreements.

Whether it’s a full service lease, finance lease, ownership agreement, or vehicle maintenance contract, we’ll tailor your package to your precise needs and negotiate the best total price in the country.

Upgrade Existing Agreement

We constantly update our clients’ existing lease/ownership plans, getting them better rates and terms as their contracts continue.

Ongoing Auditing of Invoices

We offer complete invoice auditing services, checking each supplier invoice agreement for overcharges and getting credit for past overpayments.

Ongoing Administration & Planning

We provide ongoing fleet administration, long-term planning, and “on call” consultation—advising on vehicle graphics, insurance, depreciation, fuel & road taxes, DOT requirements, and more.